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I came across these sculptures made out of different pieces of glass and wire. This man creates these pieces in his backyard in Los Angeles and invites people to come see them. I really appreciate the shapes made out of the different colour glass as well as how the light shines through them at different points in the day which changes the different sculptures.

I like how natural this looks, especially situated in a garden-like scenario, however these are still man-made bottles.

In another project I found these underwater sculptures. The first image is of one of the sculptures seen in the Cancún Underwater Museum. "Jason deCaires Taylor's The Silent Evolution consists of more than 400 human figures depicted interacting with the environment around them, with both a positive and negative impact. He shows how humans can live with nature and make a workable future between the two, but also how humans have damaged nature, specifically the coral reefs, and show no sympathy." These sculptures were put in the ocean to turn more tourists away from diving near coral reefs that were slowly dying due to the tourism. This way, more people focused on the underwater museum as an attraction thatn the reefs, in turn, saving them.

The scond sculpture is the largest underwater sculpture in the world. The reason for this sculpture is the opposite of the first. It is used to attract tourists to the area due to the fact that there is a refinery really close that leaks onto the coral reefs which kills them. By bringing the tourists to the area, they are putting pressure on the refinery as the tourists can see the oil spills in the water. This can help promote reformation for the refinery.

I am not really sure why I feel like this is relevant to my project just yet, but I recently re-watched ice age and I really enjoyed the scene where the characters are going through an ice cave and there are different monsters frozen in ice, which looks like a museum exhibit. I just find the illustration of this interesting. Not sure how this relates to the project just yet.

I really enjoy the sculpture work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Their work doesn't have a deeper meaning, but that to bring aesthetical pleasure and joy. However, I do like that these projects make people look at these features such as an island, or a bridge in a new way. It challenges the every-day norms and makes a person take more in, highlighting features that are usually looked over in a fun way. I think this is something that my project would benefit from. Something simple, yet effective.

Thisis an installation piece made by Heidi Butcher called the Fliegender Hautraum (Flying Skinroom), 1981. The installations are a preservations of memories of specific places that the artist has had a past with. What I find most intriguing about the pieces is the connotations of these flesh-like pieces, yet it challenges us as the viewer to not think about the issues of hunting and alike, it is used in a positive way. This really has an impact on how the work is viewed from the outside compared to what it feels ike for the artist. I think it is very cleaver and thought provoking which is something I want to capture in my work.

I came across this installation performance that I really enjoy. Using specific materials and physics to create art is very interesting to me. Shows how knowledge in other areas of the world can influence art.

Here is a link to other experiental experience sculptures in London

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