• Zuzanna Milancej

Babka behind the scenes

These are the drawings of the charatcer in 2 different positions to quickly make it look like she is walking. I drew this digitally however, I was looking for a lino print style of artwork.

This is the background I used for the animation. I used my initial sketches from the futurism era and developed different colours and strokes using digital media. I put it on a black background as I didnt like my previous sketch on the white background. I really like this as it looks like a street lamp light. In the animation I animated the background through using a neon light sound turning on an off while simultaneously, the background got dark an light which made it look like a street light turning off and on. When the streetlight turned off the image of the strajk kobiet logo, a red lightning bolt, that I managed to mono print a few weeks ago would appear faintly in the background. I think that this really ties into the strajk kobiet.

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