• Zuzanna Milancej

Banksy "Immersive" exhibition

I recently went to see the Bansky exhibition in Dubai. It was said to be an immersive experience, which I wanted to see for my current project. This would have befitted me to see a real life immersive project before I fully start creating it. The exhibition was curated by a third party and Banksy was not involved in this project. The whole exhibition was quite disappointing. I am not even talking about the actual art, which is classic Banksy artwork and will always be phenomenal. It is the way the exhibition was curated. The most immersive part of the experience were 2 small rooms, one with a bed and feathers around the room and the other was a room with Banksys work on the walls and rubbish lying around the floor to make it seem like a bomb site.

The rest of the rooms pretended to be immersive by adding a bit of gravel and grass here and there under a graffiti. As well as this, even the rooms that were a bit more immersive than the others didnt even make much sense in my opinion, in terms of choosing specific patterns for the sheets, carpet and wallpaper, as well as the specific light they used. I am disappointed in the exhibition itself, but at least I get to see what not to do in my projects, which can be equally or even more useful for me.

Adding some lights and throwing down a bit of dirt does not make the exhibition immersive.

As well as this, they repeated the same work around 5 times throughout the exhibition. Maybe I can see what they wanted to do with that because Banksy's work does repeat itself in real life, however in real life you do not see all his artwork condensed into one show and even if he spray paints the same stencil even 10 different times, it is never in the same place. In real life, Banksy's work is free to see and is of "public use" in terms of where and how it appears. Having to pay 75dhs per person to see his artwork as a printed photograph in an exhibition scenario is definately less inspiring than seeing it for free in real life. And on top of that, 75dhs for an "immersive experience" that definately wasnt immersive is really disappointing.

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