• Zuzanna Milancej

Contextualising the project

1. With the idea that your work will communicate to a specific audience, what questions are you asking that audience?

  • How does this artowork make you feel?

  • Does this change your perception on the situation?

  • Do you empathise with the scene and characters? Or do you feel a disconnection to the artwork?

  • How do you feel about the actions and choices you are currently taking?

2. Who is your audience?

Polish people (mostly in Poland) during the 2020 woman's strikes

3. When the work is seen on its own, and you are not there to back it up, what do you want people to think about when they look at your work?

I want them to feel upset and relate to the artwork. For people who are against the woman's strike I want them to look at what they are doing to others and look back on their choices and actions and change their behaviour. Put themselves in others' shoes.

4. How will people benefit from your work?

Hopefully, this artwork can be a step towards having equal human rights in Poland and that it changes peoples view points who are still agreeing with the current government.

5. In a dream scenario, how would you like to financially benefit from this work? For example, would you like a gallery to sell it? A publication house to market it? An advertising agency to commission you? An illustration agency to represent you? You choose.

In general, I wouldn't really want to benefit financially from this work as this is an 'activism' work. However, if I were to choose it would be part of an online newspaper or gazette publication.

6. Select 3 unfamiliar people or groups from the new References Database to introduce to the group next week explaining why they made an impact on you.

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