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Experimentation - Live Brief 1

Updated: Mar 3

Looking at the phrase "Angry beast" I decided to play around with different collages that were inspired by the book covers I looked at before as well as the artist research. I really like the symbolism of the layers of rocks creating a supressed envronment as well as a "monsters mouth" to suggest the angry beast and the candle light suggesting a heating environment. This work was made using blender (3D program) and then editing the artwork in photoshop. I wanted to use different textures in this illustration to create a more authentic feel as well as making it look like an old photograph in a newspaper to show that it is something that has been happening for ages. When I looked at this illustration I realised that playing around with the shape of the cutting out as well as the continents might be interesting. As well as this, the book is written by an American author, therefore using the other side of the globe as the illustration might be more appropriate.

I added a more mythical creature looking tail in this illustration to signify the beast more clearly. I also think that playing around with different 'mediums' of the collage such as a more hand drawn look and 3D photography is interesting and something to explore further.

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