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Experimentation - glass net

Updated: Apr 14

I was thinking of different ideas for the immersive art project. Looking at farmed salmon, their living conditions, as well as the impact, I have started to jot down some ideas. One of them is to create these big net pens, similar to ones that are underwater, and allow people to walk through them, making them feel like the salmon in the nets. Creating some direct of movement around the nets using exits and entrance or other ways can create a performance like feeling to the work. I was also considering how much can help me achieve a more immersive project.

I started doing some experimentations.

I started breaking up green glass bottles. I chose green because it reminds me of water such as an ocean or sea, but one that is not very pleasant. I wanted to create that sort of vibe for the work as the topic I am presenting is not very pleasant. It also makes it feel more real, than an unrealistic turquoise beach you associate with holidays. I used glass bottles to subtly suggest the issue of not recycling and having our trash be dumpted into our oceans. I know that the project doesnt really focus on that aspect but I feel like this is an added bonus.

I started to create these 'nets' out of string and glass. I really like the way that the glass pieces shapes work with the string and the colour that they make from the light. I think this could really work for an aspect of my project.

This is a prototype for the "net". Overall the rpocess was really difficult as the string did not attatch to the glass so easily. Doing this prototype on a small scale was doable, however if I were to make large scale "pen nets" this would not be doable this way. One way to make these large scale installations would be attatching the glass to the string through making small holes at the top and bottom of the glass. However, for safety reasons the glass would have to be coated around the sharp edges so that if someone touched them they would not get hurt. this would have to be done by sanding down the edges of the glass pieces on a large scale.

Takinganother aspect into consideration is the fact that for this prototype I used broken glass from bottles. For the final project I would have to use different glass due to it being more large scale than this. I could take actual broken window glass with large pieces to do this. I need to keep in mind that the glass needs to be something that is used everyday as I do not want to increase my carbon footprint or energy usage in creating pieces of glass to my suiting.

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