• Zuzanna Milancej

Experimentation Salmon

Updated: Apr 27

For my experimentation stage I decided to go back to what I like doing the most. Printing. In my last project I used print as a starting point to create a more experimental outcome. I think that I work really well using this structure therefore I started using colour and print at home to start thinking more creatively about my project, compaed to a more technological structure I was using before.

I started the process by drawing a salmon in pen.

From this drawing I was only able to scan a portion of the fish at the time due to scanner A4 contraints. I used the printer to print several copies of the head of the Salmon onto printing paper - 150 gsm, therefore it was suitable for paint. I used a screenprinting-like method at home to create the following experimentation outcomes.

These images represent the sea-lice in Salmon farming especially as the Salmon cannot get rid of these sea-lice themselves through natural means, which causes a lot of loss of Salmon in the pens.

I also started to make a net from red string. With the net I want to create some relief prints using this net for experimentation.

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