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Final major project research - The Bomb

Updated: Apr 1

For the final major project I want to create a sort of visual experience for some Global issue. I started by making a mindmap of the global issues that interest me. I wanted to go quite deep and specific with the sort of issue I choose. I also need to make sure that I am true to that issue.

From this, I like the idea of shark fishing, Salmon, Cotton buds and fake news. However I have a problem with doing this project about sharks because I have a shark phobia. I think that by doing research on the other topics that I like I will be able to see which one has the most information/ video footage.

For the actual outcome of the project, I started to research visual experiences and one that really stands out is . It is a movie projection and music festival experience. They have shown/played this installation at many music festivals. I really like how entertaining it is by including a rock band in the experience, yet the message is quite scary as it talks about nuclear bombs. I watched the movie online that is usually shown on massive screens that are arranged in a circle to create an interactive atmosphere. These are some screenshots from the movie:

This is a picture from the actual experience from their website:

Other immersive experience events:

  • Immersive gallery exhibit about Vincent van Gogh

  • Theater/immersive experience of a dream-like house

  • Frankenstine AI event

  • Interactive technology installation

  • AR ice rink - Regent's park

  • Installation

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