• Zuzanna Milancej

Futurism - Intial sketches

Here are some very initial sketches for the Minor projects. I wanted to play around with story telling aswell as getting the most obvious ideas down first to find more inovative ways of going around and creating my imagery.

These sketches are a part of my narrative that I thought could become an animation at a later stage. They depict a character looking back in time to our current present. I like the way that I use markmaking to create these images, however I think the images and ideas are very basic and an "easy way" to answer my brief.

I started playing around with colour and looking at futurism as an art movement. These are some inspirational artworks I have found.

With my new inspiration I started creating artworks that have the philosophy of futurism in mind.

I want to take this further and create a composition that I can lino print possibly.

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