• Zuzanna Milancej

Lino printing

From the drawings I created I started to finalise my designs on the lino. I chose to do a lino sized 30x22cm to fit an A3 paper. However my main goal is to lino print on top of a duevet cover. I chose this medium as I wanted to create something that is used everyday by all sorts of people. Whilst putting images that convey a message for womens' rights on an object that usually remains neutral and used by everyone no matter what their political views are, we can start seeing how this "normal object" begins to infiltrate our opinions. It is almost ironic in the sense that by putting certain images within an everyday object we can change it's function.

Unfortunately, I had to do these lino prints at home where the quality of materials and tools wasn't as high as using uni facilities. However, I feel like the grain within the landscapes gives it a unique look and imitates posters and leaflets at strikes, as usually these things are low cost printed, allowing for imperfections but during these situations it doesnt really matter, as long as the message is conveyed.

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