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More details about project

What am I trying to convey with my project?

To stop salmon farming. This can be done in 2 ways, lower the demand by showing the public about the bad side of salmon famrs, or showing the companies their impact on the evironment. By using the public as my target audience, I could indirectly influence the market as well as create a project that involves more people. However, sometimes, informing the public for a need for change isn't enough as people cant change their bad habits, or companies don't realise that this is a problem. Moreover I need to figure out my specific target audience for this project because "the public" is definately too vague.

Target audience:

18-35 year olds (This is because, according to "the speed of information-processing, a core ingredient of judgment and intelligence, peaks around the mid-20s. To make matters worse, most people become considerably slower after their mid-40s, with a substantial deceleration after their 60s.")

This allows me to focus on a target audience that is most open-minded and acceptant of change. This can allow for a more possible adaptation of the population to influence the market.

Another point I need to think about is the nature of the project. I want to create a sort of immerive experience. A lot of the times, immerive experiences use a lot of energy. I want to create something that keeps environmental issues in mind. The project is trying to inform people about the environmental impact of the salmon farm issue, therefore it would add to the project if it kept in mind these environmental issues. This allows me to focus on a more organic presentation of the immersive experience and narrows down the research, materials and mediums.

I think I will currently focus on the UK as my target audience as I know the culture and people quite well, which allows me to develop a project that will cater to them, As well as this, UK seems to be a large consummer of salmon, therefore this might be beneficial to start there. However, I am also looking at making the experience more global aswell, therefore, whilst using devices that speak to people who live in UK London, I want to make it general enough that it suits other nationalities and cultures around the world.

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