• Zuzanna Milancej

Moving forward - video

Moving forward with the project I started to think about the final outcome. I decided that the best way to showcase my project would be an installation that involves both, moving image and traditional media. I wanted to create an experimental video to create an atmosphere of feeling like your'e a salmon fish. This would be displayed in an immersive manner that I am yet to define. Other features of the installation are nets that have actually been used in the pens of salmon farming. These nets would have been cleaned throughout after use. These are the nets that usually have been torn and cannot be used anymore. I have been in-contact with salmon fishing industry in the UAE asking about supplying such nets. However, my project cannot be fully realised at this time as there are specific laws in Dubai for exhibitons and installations in public spaces. Therefore my installation will have to be a digital concept with mockups.

These are some videos I took as experimentation shots for the atmospheric video:

I am also trying out how to make music as I want to incooperate that into the video. However, I am not sure how that will go and I might use royalty free music.

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