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Realising your project isn't going anywhere and you start hating it.

I believe everyone has the point in their projects where you look at the work created and you start hating it, dont even know why you chose to do this topic and other people definately have better ideas. Now there are 2 things you can do in a situation like that; carry on and hope for the best maybe youll like it maybe itl be a disaster; change what youre doing before the point of no return. In this project I chose the latter because I decided why should I do a project that ill end up hating, especially in a time like the pandemic where there is a lack of happiness and excitment. Fortunately, animation is one of the most time consuming things you can create, so anything else I chose to do would take less time that I can put into further research instead.

I've always loved lino printing and started working towards a project that involved this technique. Unfortunately due to the current circumstances I will not be able to use uni facilities which complicated things x100 but whatever, I think I can make do with the low quality roller and a very hard a brittle lino block.

However, firstly I needed to make some kind of plan.

These were the first sketches for the lino prints. I used imagery from the postcards I created before to draw these up. However I didnt really see the speculative scenario in these images but I liked the shadows and highlights that also relate to my previous idea when I was still thinking about the animation that women can only move in the dark and not the light. However, I also wanted to implement the influences from the novel Vermilion Sands - singing statues as this book is an early scienc fiction collection of different novels. With this in mind I ended up creating this:

I really enjoyed how these images work together as a collective but also each one tells a seperate story. I was definately inspired by the works of Giorgio de Circo whilst trying to create a very lonely yet full image. The use of space and shadows really helped to create depth whilst creating imagery that makes one feel uneasy unknowingly.

To me, these images of the naked statues of women (alike the ones from ancient Greece one can see in the British Museum) suggests another time. Mixed with the lonely landscapes and lack of life or people suggests a more apocalypic scenario where there is no one around. These beautiful statues are displayed in the middle of these landscapes to be admired as an object, yet there is no one to admire them anymore. This relates to the objectification of women in the modern world and only liking the look of them. However this doesnt even matter anymore since humanity didnt "fix" these issues about human and women rights that all that is left in the world are the buildings and the world carries on, just without life.

I have several ideas about how I want to portray these prints but that will be discussed next time. Now off I go cutting these images.

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