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Research minor project

Speculative design:

I looked into the work of Yuko Shimizu who portrayed different speculative scenarios in a series of illustrations. These are called speculative journalism. I love her work using printing methods and block colours that work together to make a beautiful but also slightly scary portrayal of the future.

Storyboard inspiration: Vermilion Sands (J.G. Ballard)

I really enjoyed the short story from the book called the singing statues. The book is a science fiction book with loads of short stories inside. The short story that I focused on was singing statues which influenced my idea about woman only being able to walk during the dark periods and have to be as still as statues during the light periods. I find this idea opressing and think it fits well with my animation.

Character development : Authority.

For the authority in the story I want to create something more abstract. I really like the idea of the dementors in Harry Potter that they basically suck your soul out. I also like the anonimity of the creatures. I want to implement a similar sort of character as I dont the villan in my animation to be based off a man as that is not the message I want to sent through the animation. Using a more monster like character, I believe would eliminate this.

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