• Zuzanna Milancej

Research questions aka. Trying hard to include service design in my illustration course.

For my final uni year I want to bring in my new-found liking of service design into my practice. This means making sure I have both words; Illustration and Service design as part of my research question.

Why do I find it important and worthwhile?

Apart of trying to go into service design as a practice after my degree I find the idea of creating these speculative worlds a sort of pass to day dream a LOT. Who wouldnt want to ponder about the future? Wether it is totally abstract or based on facts and statistic maybe I'll one day someone might look at my work and think ' How could she have known thats how itl be?'.

Without further ado, I present to you my research question mindmap.

This is some research/inspiration material I have gathered to help me with the project start.

Out of all my research questions I created I really like

  1. How to create artwork using future predictions and scientific research?

The question can be further developed to:

How to create artwork using future predictions and scientific research whilst still engaging with aesthetic trends in an imaginative manner?

When asking this question we need to consider:

  • Style

  • Process

  • Materials

  • Colour

  • Balance between facts and art

  • Media

But for now, research and ideation.

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