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Research questions: Poland 2020

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Further developing and slightly adapting my research questions, I want to look into the Polish 2020 protests against the new abortion law. Still considering speculative design and futurism I want to focus more on a social change than environmnetal. Thinking about the realtionships in famillies with different visions, relationships between the churches and society as well as what might happen politically to Poland and how this might influence the society.

A little bit about the context:

On the 22nd October 2020 the constitutional court passed the law to ban all abortions in Poland, changing it from legal abortions if; the pregnancy happened in an illegal manner; if there is a potential treat to the woman or baby; if there is a high possibility the baby will be born with a none treatable illness.

Since the new law was presented end of October there have been protests all over Poland and in other countries to legalise abortions again and make it a possible choice.

The current government part PiS considers itself and Poland as a country a 'Catholic Country' which it is not, it is heavily populated with Catholic people but the country itself is secular and so should the government. Some churches have become a place where the priests speak about politics and influence people to vote for specific candidates and in trying the recruit more people to come to church and believe in God (theoretically a good thing) they have wedged themselves into politics which they shouldnt have.

In my work I want to create some type of outcome that will imagine the future of this hate and the governments crimes and lies to suggest change and show that this is not the way to govern.

"The reductive exposure of the technique allowed for powerful contrasts that she shared with other printmakers associated with German expressionism."

These are some works by Kathe Kollwitz depicting the aftermath of war through different people's view points. I love the emotion and passion of these woodblocks and its something that I would like to include in my work through a futuristic point of view.

Therefore my new adapted research question is:

How can current events inform an emotional speculative illustration of the future in terms of political issues in Poland?

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