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The Uninhabitable Earth - Live Brief 1

Updated: Mar 3

I started out the project by looking at some of the most creative non-fiction book covers on Pintrest. By looking at whats on the market for non-fiction books I can see the standard of work that can help me figure out how far creatively I can go with the book cover.

Whilst reading the book I decided to note down some adjectives and phrases that I thought were creative. One of my favourite phrases was "Angry Beast" in reference to the nature and its "revenge" on humanity to take back what we took. I also started doing some thumbnail sketches.

From the sketches that I started to draw I started researching this artists on instagram @alexechmanlawn.

I really like the dark surrealism in his artwork as well as the colour combinations he used. The cut out pieces of the artwork that reveals something darker or out of place is a clever way to expose a "darker truth" about the artwork. I saw something similar in the book covers I first looked at where a part of the cover was torn out in a secific shape to show the title of the book most often.

I think that for this book cover I want to focus on the word Uninhabitable in a surrealistic sort of way and combine it with "Angry beast" as it depicts what the book is about well without making it obvious and creating intrigue.

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