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what story am I telling in my cover? - Live Brief 1

Updated: Mar 3

When I started developing my illustrations I decided to go back to my book highlights. There is a part of a paragraph which I find interesting:

Parables are a teaching tool and work like glass dioramas in natural history museums: you pass by, you look, you believe that what is contained in the taxidermy scene has something to teach you—but only by the logic of metaphor, because you are not a stuffed animal and do not live in the scene but beyond it, outside it, observing rather than participating.

Wallace-Wells, David. The Uninhabitable Earth (p. 150). Crown. Kindle Edition.

I like the metaphor of looking at the problems of our Earth and humanity from a spectators view point rather than participating. I am going to look further on how to depict that visually.

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